At-Risk Youth

The Role We Play

We will provide you with information, give you referral options, and help to link you to publicly funded community services for youth at risk.   With oversight of the Freeholder appointed Youth Services Advisory Board, we also act as service system and client advocates when needed.

The Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders and New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission provide funding for many community based services.

Call 973-285-6850 if you need assistance.


  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Child Support and Paternity


    Promotes financial and medical security for all New Jersey children in need of support. For the general public, it helps to locate non-custodial parents and to review all existing child support orders. Together with Family Court, it provides for genetic testing in all contested paternity matters. For TANF and AFDC Medicaid applicants, cooperation with CSP is required as a first step for eligibility unless the applicant is a victim of domestic violence. CSP provides a full range of services including establishing paternity, locating absent parents, establishing support orders, making information available to consumer credit agencies regarding delinquent parents, and the imposition of liens against real and personal property. It also provides genetic testing, and complaint initiation in local and out-of-State courts. Collection and enforcement of established orders are referred to the appropriate County Probation Department.

  • Cyberbullying and Sexting Program


    The Morris County Cyber Bulling and Sexting Education Program is available to all Morris County juveniles under 18 years of age.

    How the Program Works

    1. Referrals (sources include, but are not limited to Police Department, Probation, Court, Parents, Schools) can be made to the Department of Human Services, Youth Services Coordinator, Jessica Mondino at 973-285-6850.
    2. Forms can be found below. Upon receipt of the Referral Form and signed Information Consent Form, a referral will be made to the Cyber Bullying and Sexting Education Program. The youth and their guardian will be contacted via letter with information about the program by Jessica Mondino.
    3. The workshop will be taught by a Licensed Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
      from Family Intervention Services as well as a former sex crimes and child endangerment detective who is the current Director of Programs at Deirdre’s House.

    Forms and More Information

  • Division of Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P; formerly DYFS)
  • Juvenile Detention Center
  • Juvenile Firesetter Prevention Program


    The Morris County Juvenile Firesetter Program is available to all Morris County children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

    Goals include providing fire safety to all children, adolescents and adults, coordinating a multi-disciplinary program that addresses the multi-faceted problem of juvenile firesetting, decreasing the number of incidents of new fire-sets, reducing the risk of recidivism and to provide a safer community.


  • Mental Health
  • NJ Children’s System of Care (formerly the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services)
  • NJ Department of Children and Families
  • NJ Juvenile Justice Commission
  • Short-Term Rehab
  • State Office of Special Education
  • Youth Shelter