Job Seeker Services

Morris/Sussex/Warren Employment & Training Services provides a wide range of job seeker services for individuals who have lost their job.  Skills assessment and employment counseling services are available through Employment and Training Services located in Morristown and Randolph.


  • Adult Services are available for individuals seeking assistance with basic job search needs including, but not limited to job search, resume writing, and skills assessment. Also available are more intensive job seeker services covering comprehensive assessments, development of individual employment plans and counseling and career planning.

    More Information

    1-800-870-3478 / 973-285-6880

    Career development and employment services are provided to the following individuals:

    • Dislocated / Unemployed / Underemployed
    • General Assistance (GA) Services / Temporary Assistance for Needy Family (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) / Food Stamps

    Services are as follows:

    • Orientation and enrollment into the One Stop System
    • Job Search/Job Matching, Employment Orientations
    • Soft Skills, including job readiness, dealing with employer conflict, negotiating a salary, dress for success, phone skills, responding to a job offer and workplace readiness
    • One-on-one career counseling and planning
    • Development of an Individual Employment Plan (IEP)
    • Barrier Assessment: This specialized testing assesses barriers that will affect the client’s success. Results of the testing is discussed with the client to develop an agreed upon strategy for success.
    • Additional assistance can be provided to special needs populations such as:
      • non-English speaking
      • General Assistance/GA, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/TANF and Food Stamps/SNAP
      • basic skills deficiency
      • older workers

    All of these services are available to any person visiting the Employment & Training Services Office.

    For more information, please call:

    Morris Plains: (800) 870-3478 / (973) 285-6880
    Randolph: (862) 397-5600 x 3975735 / (862) 397-5600
    Newton: (973) 383- 1048 / (973) 383-2775
    Phillipsburg: (908) 859-3220 / (908) 859-0400

  • Youth Services (ages 16-21) are available for both out-of-school and in-school youth populations seeking employment opportunities, training and support services. All youth must meet eligibility criteria for program participation.

    More Information

    1-800-870-3478 or 973-829-8511

    Provides remedial education, labor market and career information, and job placement assistance to those aged 16 through 24.

    Counseling, life skills/job skills training, work experience, HSE/GED preparation and basic education, mentoring, tutoring, and other supportive services are offered through various public and non-profit agencies.