The Role We Play

The Investigative Unit of the Morris County Office of Temporary Assistance‘s principal function is to maintain the integrity of the WFNJ, SNAP and Medicaid programs. The Unit completes this task by reviewing numerous reports that contain client information which assists in the prevention or detection of fraud.

Complaints of possible fraud committed by a WFNJ, SNAP and/or Medicaid client are also taken from private citizens and other agencies. Those making a complaint may remain anonymous.

When probable fraud has been determined a Field Investigator conducts a home visit and makes collateral contacts to determine if a household correctly reported their circumstances.  In addition to a field investigation the staff refers to the various reports available to them to determine if the client received benefits they were not entitled to.

The Investigative Unit is also involved in establishing claims and the recovery process.  In the event restitution is not made the Investigative Unit is responsible for referring the claim for legal action and to the Federal and/or State intercept programs.

Whenever intent to defraud is uncovered a disqualification penalty period from the SNAP and or TANF/GA program is pursued.