Caregiver Support

The Caregiver Support Project is an initiative of the Morris County Division on Aging, Disabilities and Community Programming in partnership with United Way of Morris County and the Caregivers Coalition of Morris County, to support the County’s family caregivers.   The Caregiver Support Project is designed to help caregivers access the services needed for their loved ones and themselves.  The Project goes beyond information and referral to help the caregiver with problem solving, advocacy, and support to sustain them in their caregiving role.

The assistance of the Caregiver Coordinator can be accessed by calling the Aging & Disability Resource Connection number: (800)-564-4656 or by visiting the Division on Aging & Disabilities Resource Center at 340 West Hanover Avenue, Morris Township, NJ. 

Visit the United Way of Morris County website for information on the Caregiver Coalition of Morris County and other caregiver initiatives.