Adult Protective Services

Morris County Adult Protective Services (APS) investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults.

A vulnerable adult is defined as a person 18 years of age or older who resides in a community setting and who, because of a physical or mental illness, disability or deficiency, lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make, communicate, or carry out decisions concerning his or her well-being.

  • Abuse: the willful infliction of physical pain, injury, or mental anguish, unreasonable confinement, or the willful deprivation of services which are necessary to maintain a person’s physical and mental health.
  • Sexual abuse: any sexual activity where the vulnerable adult does not consent or is incapable of resisting or declining consent due to disability or fear of retributions or hardship.
  • Neglect: an act or failure to act by a vulnerable adult’s caretaker which results in the inadequate provision of care necessary to maintain the health of the vulnerable adult, putting him or her at risk of serious or life threatening injury.
  • Self neglect: the result of a vulnerable adult’s inability, due to physical and/or mental impairments or diminished capacity, to perform essential self-care tasks, putting him or her at risk of serious or life threatening injury.
  • Exploitation: the act of illegally using the person or resources of a vulnerable adult for another person’s profit or advantage.

NJ State Law has deemed health care professionals, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics/emergency medical technicians as mandatory reporters. Any of these professionals with reasonable cause to believe that a vulnerable adult is the subject of abuse, neglect, or exploitation shall report the information to the county APS provider.

Adults who need home based services alone are not considered vulnerable. These individuals can be referred for care management services.

Read a brochure and view our presentation for more information.

If you have questions or would like to make a referral, please call 973-326-7282.